What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

Like men’s kilts, the women’s kilts are also popular and wearable worldwide. In the past, there was no concept of women’s kilts because the kilts are always designed for the main but in the 18th century, the women in Scotland and Ireland prefer kilts over casual clothing. The women in non-Scottish countries treat the kilt as a skirt because the kilt looks similar to of skirt. The fact is that the women’s kilt is more comfortable and soft than tight-fitting women’s skirts.

Many non-Scottish women who are wearing kilts in daily routine life wanted to know What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies? However, there is no specific outfit with the women’s kilt, you can wear any outfit which matches 

Women Kilt Vs Women Skirt

The women’s kilts are comfortable and provide full freedom than tight-fitting ordinary skirts because the women’s kilts are made with soft fabric i.e, wool. On the other hand, the women’s skirts are mostly tight-fitting and made with the hard cotton fabric which put pressure on the stomach.

Moreover, the women’s kilts are light in weight and easy to wear but unfortunately, this feature is not present in the skirt. You can wear women’s kilts for a longer period of time as it is open apparel that frees from sweating and itching. On the other hand, you cannot wear skirts for more than 5 hours.

What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

Kilts For Everyone

The women’s Scottish kilts are designed for not only adult women but also newborn babies, kids, teenagers, and old women who can also wear the kilt. There is no restriction and shame for wearing the kilt because it is similar to a skirt which you mostly wear at parties, pubs, weddings, and other places.

What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

This is the basic question for those ladies who are wearing kilts but don’t have ideas about which outfit would be best for them. However, there are too many outfits that are wearable with your short kilt. We are here to discuss some common outfit ideas which you can wear easily at any place without any problem.

What Outfits To Wear With A Ladies Kilt?

This is a very helpful article for every woman, so must note down the outfit ideas in your notebook.

  • Wear Kilt In Summer
  • Wear Kilt In Winter
  • Wear Kilt With Jackets
  • School Girl Outfit
  • Wear Kilt With Oxford Shoes
  • Wear Kilt With Sunglasses
  • Wear Kilt With Leather Belt
  • Wear Mini Kilt
  • Wear Longer Kilt
  • Sashes With Kilt

Wear Kilt In Summer

The Scottish women’s kilt is not a seasonal dress, it is the evergreen dress that you can wear in any season with pride. In summer, you must wear the soft traditional tartan kilt with tops and shoes. This is a comfortable outfit and with this outfit, you can go everywhere without any trouble.

Wear Kilt In Winter

As we discussed above, the kilt has no season, so you can wear the women’s kilt in winter too but the outfit of winter would be different. In winter, you must wear a heavy kilt instead of a soft fabric kilt. You should wear sweaters, jackets, and coats with your women’s kilt.

Wear Kilt With Jackets

If we talk about jackets then it does not mean only leather jackets. You can wear denim jackets, cotton jackets, or even tartan jackets with your tartan kilt. With jackets, you must wear high-heeled shoes to become an attractive personality.

What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

School Girl Outfit

You can become a schoolgirl with the lady’s kilt. For becoming a sexy schoolgirl look, you must wear a white shirt along with a short plaid kilt. At costume parties and at school events, you must wear this attire.

Wear Kilt With Oxford Shoes

However, the oxford shoes are special shoes for men but nowadays, women also like to wear shoes with their outfits. You can also spice your kilt outfit by wearing oxford shoes.

Wear Kilt With Sunglasses

Like oxford shoes, the addition of sunglasses also increases your personality. You can wear a short kilt with jacket or shorts along with matching sunglasses at various places.

Wear Kilt With Leather Belt

Leather belt and buckle at compulsory accessory while you are wearing jeans and dress pants. If you can wear a casual or Scottish leather belt & buckle with your kilt then it will also give you a unique look.

Wear Mini Kilt

Our Scottish kilt company also makes short or mini kilts for our customers. You can wear short kilts to become sexier, our short kilts have more metals hardware and unique designs which are better than ordinary skirts.

Wear Longer Kilt

You can also try longer kilts, if you don’t have one then buy it from our website. You can wear shirts, sweaters and other tops with your longer women’s kilts. The longer women kilts are not only liked by adult women but also teenagers.

Sashes With Kilt

Tartan sashes are always best with the traditional women’s tartan kilt but you can wear other fabric sashes with your women’s kilt.


The above are the few outfit ideas which you can wear with your kilts. Now not only non-Scottish but also Scottish women understand What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies. You can also add your own outfit to make you look attractive.