What Is Worn Under A Kilt?

This is the traditional and common Scottish question that has been asked by many non-Scottish people. The Scottish kilt is unique apparel that is not common wearable in many countries. Many people only know about pants, trousers, skirts and other bottoms so the kilt is an interesting garment for them.

What Is Worn Under A Kilt? You can wear shorts, trousers, pants, underwear, or nothing beneath your Scottish kilt. It depends on the choice of the wearer how he wanted to wear the kilt.

The kilts are interesting garment which is made with soft fabrics i.e, cotton, wool, tartan, and leather. These kilts provide 360-degree flexibility which is never provided by another bottom wear. Many people wear the kilts with underwear because as you know, underwear is the basic bottom wear which is wearable with every bottom wear.

What To Wear With Kilts

The Scotland kilt is the softest apparel that never put pressure on the body. This apparel is best to wear in summer that is why old men prefer kilts rather than other bottom wears. The way of wearing the Scottish kilt is different from the person to person and it is the big reason why this fashion is popular these days. Some people wear the kilts with traditional shirts or other casual shirts while some true Scottish kilt lovers wear the full Scottish outfit which includes kilt, Sporran, kilt jacket, Ghillie shirt, tie, bow, belt buckle, and other Scottish accessories.

There is no specific rule of what to wear with kilts, so everyone has their own choice and taste. In Scottish weddings, many people wear Scottish attire but there are some Scottish who also wears Scottish attire but wears trews instead of kilts.

What Is Worn Under A Kilt?

What Is Worn Under A Kilt?

Traditionally Scottish kilt was worn without anything such as shorts, underwear, pants, or trousers. Many old kilt lovers still wear kilts without anything and this is the big reason why the old people are active in Scotland. There are two main reasons for wearing the kilt by which this apparel is loved by old people. The main reason for wearing this apparel without underwear is that it is the true way of wearing the kilt which never put pressure on the lower body while the second reason is that, the doctor advises these old men to wear comfortable clothing at that age.

However, there are also many people in Scotland, Ireland, and other countries of the world who wear the kilts with shorts, pants, and other bottom wears because they treated the kilt as a garment fashion. Many Hollywood celebrities wear traditional and modern kilts at various places such as ceremonies, shopping malls, and other events. This is the very popular apparel which you can wear according to your style and choice.

Scottish Survey Report

Every year there is a survey conducted in Scotland and surrounding countries of the United Kingdom. The main purpose of this survey is to know how many people wear a kilt in Scotland and other countries. This year’s report is also published on the internet, we will tell you in detail about this report in the next paragraph.

Kilt With Underwear

According to the Scottish survey report, about 55% of Scottish people wear underwear under their traditional and modern kilts. These people did not like to wear the kilt in the commando-style or wear without anything. Teenagers, adults, and kids prefer to wear kilts with underwear. The highland sports and games are the best example of these people. They wear their clan kilts with underwear while playing.

Kilts Without Underwear

The true way of wearing the kilt is without underwear but nowadays only 38% of people follow the true method. Among these people, the majority of the people are old men. They not only wear the kilt without underwear at home but also at public places and wedding ceremonies. The main benefit of wearing a kilt in a commando style is that it gives more freedom which increases the sperm power of men. It increases the fertility ratio that is why the true Scottish are always active and healthy.

Kilts With Shorts

Only 7% total Scottish population wears shorts, pants, or trousers with their kilts. However, many Scottish Americans prefer this style of wearing the kilts. Fashion lovers wear this apparel in their casual outfits to show the world about this amazing culture. According to the survey, we discussed the three styles of people who wear kilts. There is no rule which you must follow, if you are non-Scottish then you can also wear kilts according to your choice.

What Is Worn Under A Kilt?

What Is Worn Under A Great Kilt?

The great kilt is made in 4 yards to 8-yard fabric and it is the unstitched piece of tartan fabric that is worn in such a way that it not only covers the lower body part but also the upper body part. You don’t need to wear anything along with the great kilt but it is your choice. Many newbies wear the great kilt with underwear or shorts.


In this interesting article about What Is Worn Under A Kilt, we had discussed the Scottish survey report. There are, however, three styles of wearing the Scottish kilt, but you should prefer those method which suit your personality.