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Scottish Kilt Size 5 Yards vs. Kilt 8 Yards

Scottish Kilt Size

Scottish Kilt Size When you are shopping for highland clothing for the first time, it can be confusing to present with so many kilt sizes. Not only do you need to check the size of the kilt size chart to compare your body measurements, but you are also offered the option to choose between a […]

What Is A Utility Kilt?

What Is A Utility Kilt? A utility kilt is a kilt in which a kilt has all things like in a pant or trouser. Pockets, belt loops, buttons and studs are the basic elements in a modern utility kilt. A utility kilt is also comes in different designs and shapes. There are also further categories […]

How To Wear A Utility Kilt?

how to wear a utility kilt

How To Wear A Utility Kilt? Kilts are one of the most fashionable men’s and women’s wear now a days. The utility kilts or modern kilts are extremely cool and comfortable wear than other type of bottom wears such as pants, trousers and shorts. These utility kilts are the new design kilts and that is […]

How To Make A Utility Kilt?

How To Make A Utility Kilt? Making a utility kilt or cargo kilt is not as difficult as it looks but a person who is going to make a cargo kilt must follow the necessary steps. We are discussing step by step approach in order to make a utility kilts for sale. Steps To Make […]