Why Do Scots Wear Kilts

Why Do Scots Wear Kilts 1

What Is Kilt

The Scottish kilt is the cultural apparel of the Scottish people which have been used since the 16th century. This dress is famous for its soft fabric and durability in Ireland and other European countries. The way wearing kilts is very easy, you only need to wrap that apparel on your body and fasten with its straps and buckles. The ancient form of the kilt is the great kilt but the later shorter format of the kilts was discovered.

Why Do Scots Wear Kilts, well the main reason is that the fabric used for making Scottish kilt is soft and makes you warm all the time during winter. There are other too many reasons which show why this apparel is the best garment for the Scottish people.

Why Do Scots Wear Kilts 1

Brief History Of Kilt

The kilt is the cultural dress for the people of Scotland. It was the dress that was used since the 16th century. This traditional kilt was not the same as today’s kilt. As today kilts are only designed to cover the bottom area of the body but at that ancient time, the kilt was made to cover the whole body not only the bottom.

This type of kilt was known as the great kilt which was not an actual kilt. It was the full-length woolen fabric which has criss-cross patterns ( simply known as tartan ). This tartan woolen fabric was not worn on the whole body, so there was no need for any other garment. The great kilt is the complete outfit that is also wearable worldwide. This traditional great kilt is nowadays is treated as the royal dress of Scotland.

The great kilt in the past was available in a few tartans but now there are more than 5000 tartans available in the market in which not only great kilt but other small kilts are being manufactured. Today, the kilt has more varieties and designs which are not available in other bottom wears such as trousers, dress pants, and jeans. This is the only cultural apparel that has no boundaries and government of the USA also appreciates this cultural dress.

Why Do Scots Wear Kilts

It is the cultural dress of Scotland that is why Do Scots Wear Kilts. It is worn widely in the Whole of Scotland. Not only Scottish but foreigners in Scotland also like this dress. As we discussed above that it is the dress has no boundaries, now people of many states in the USA wear this apparel. This apparel is soft, flexible, and most comfortable than your jeans. You can move easily with the Scottish kilts because they never put pressure on the stomach. Many old people of non-Scottish accent in the USA also wear this comfortable dress in their daily routine life. This is durable apparel, unlike other outfits. Well, there are too many reasons why Scottish people like to wear kilts but here we are going to discuss some main reasons for wearing Scottish kilts for sale.

Top Reasons For Wearing Kilts

There are main reasons why Scottish people prefer kilts instead of pants. If you are a newbie and wanted to understand the reasons then must note down all important points in your notebook,

  • Flexibility
  • Comfortability
  • Durability
  • For Old People
  • Sexual Health
  • Itching And Sweating
  • Protect From Winter
  • Best Wedding Outfit


The Scottish Highland kilts are flexible kilts. You can easily wear and take off your kilt without any problem. It has only a couple of straps and buckles for fastening and adjustable fitting. This flexibility feature is not available in jeans and pants.


The Scottish kilts are the comfortable bottom wears. You can wear these soft and comfortable kilts at any place without any issue. These kilts are reliable and increase the life of the Scottish kilt.

Why Do Scots Wear Kilts 1


The Scottish kilts are durable kilts because this Highland apparel is made with the original fabrics. You don’t need to purchase the same fabric kilt every month. Not only the fabric of the kilts but also the metal hardware in those kilts increases the life of the kilt.

For Old People

The Scottish tartan kilts are best for old people. As you know the old men cannot wear heavier dresses due to health concerns. The Scottish kilt is one of the best light dresses which never put pressure on the body.

Sexual Health

The sperm power, thickness, and penis erection are necessary for a man but if you face any of these issues then must wear Scottish kilts. These kilts are the natural medicine that increases your sexual and healthier life.

Itching And Sweating

If you wearing pants or jeans for a longer period of time say 8 hours then it creates itching and sweating. It is a common health issue with every bottom wear except Scottish kilt. The Scottish kilts are free from itching and sweating that is why they make you active and fresh all the time.

Protect From Winter

The traditional Scottish kilts are made with wool fabric. These kilts are more comfortable than other kilts and provide better protection from winter than other bottom wears.

Best Wedding Outfit

There are many wedding outfits but the best outfit for Scottish weddings is the traditional tartan kilt. Without such kilt, you cannot become a true Scotsman. It is the compulsory part of the Scottish wedding outfit.


By reading the above interesting article, you can understand Why Do Scots Wear Kilts. We only discuss some common reasons for wearing kilts. These reasons give you a clear picture of the Scottish kilt.