Wedding Kilts

Wedding Kilts

As you know, fashion moves like a windstorm, so this will be the upcoming fashion in the US and UK. We can say that these kilts are Scotland’s cultural heritage and pride.

You may be wondering what to wear for a Scottish wedding. Whether you’re the groom, the bride, the guest, or the best man, you’ll probably feel the pressure to look your best among everyone.

There is usually a wide range of clothing on display at any Scottish wedding, and the men can and will wear whatever they like.

Nowadays, Prince Charlie clothing is widely regarded as the clear choice for a refined, impressive, and luxurious look to show your Scottish pride at any formal event by wearing a Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat with your favorite Highland kilt.

In a true traditional formal Scottish wedding occasion, You will need a Prince Charlie waistcoat and jacket. You can make your kilt look smarter with a traditional waistcoat and jacket.

It is available in 15oz Barathea wool of Vicuna wool, this sleek jacket is black with a matching 3-button waistcoat in the same color as your jacket, giving it a polished look and a trio of matching accents on the go. in diagonal lines along the front of the design.

Notched lapels are a standard feature and make the jacket even more suitable for formal occasions such as prom or weddings. Most sellers will include a vest as standard, but it’s always a good idea to check to make sure this is the case.

Helpful hints for wedding kilts

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for kilts for sale for your wedding:

  • If you’re at the Highland Games, a Celtic or Scottish festival, or a wedding where gentlemen will be wearing kilts, you can easily sport a kilt without offending anyone.
  • However, if you’re attending a Halloween or masquerade party, someone who’s Scottish might consider a kilt worn as a costume offensive and disrespectful to his heritage.
  • It will ensure that the kilt is long. You will furthermore need a Prince Charlie waistcoat and jacket.
  • You can make your kilt look smarter with a traditional waistcoat and jacket.
  • You don’t wear white to the wedding party and guests because it offends the bride. It’s time for the bride to shine in her white dress.
  • Men usually wear white shirts with an all-black tuxedo, but white wedding kilts paired with a white top could also fall under this rule.
  • In other words, avoid all-white clothing (unless you are the groom). The same rule applies to kilt hose. Best to avoid sharp white kilt hose,


You want to feel your best on your wedding day, and the best way to feel confident in a kilt is to buy one made especially for you. If you have a custom-made kilt for your big day, you need to ensure enough time for the kilt.


What is the best Scottish kilt for a wedding?

The Black Watch tartan is probably the most popular Scottish kilt tartan for weddings.

Who should wear a kilt at a wedding?

Yes, if you are the Groom at a wedding, the best men and fathers of the bride and groom wear plaids, but only when the Groom is wearing one.

Can I rent a kilt instead of buying it?

You can always rent one if you don’t want to buy a kilt. There are plenty of kilt and chain hire shops in Scotland.