How To Measure A Kilt

How To Measure A Kilt

How To Measure A Kilt

Well, measuring kilt is not as difficult as money Scottish and non-Scottish people think. You may witness the measurement for pants or trousers. The Scottish kilt measurement is almost the same as that of pant or trouser measurement. Although it is similar to the pant waist. However, you should know the Scottish standard rules in order to the accurate measurement for the kilts.

Our kilt measurement guide is 100% accurate and according to the Scottish rules and regulations. By following our Scottish kilt measuring guide you always get the accurate kilt. Before going to discuss the measurement guide, you should be aware of the drawbacks when you wear the inaccurate kilt. That information is necessary for you, so understand thoroughly.

Drawbacks Of Inaccurate Size Kilt

The Scottish kilt is made with an accurate waist, so if you did not take importance in kilt measurement and ordered the wrong size kilt then it will give you lots of problems. Many times, the inaccurate kilt is always tight-fitting which never fits on your body. It means that kilt is a waste for you. People spend 100 dollars for a single kilt but because of inaccurate measurement, that kilt will no use further.

Somehow if that kilt fits on your body then it may create scars on the abdomen. In severe cases, you also face itchiness and rashes on other body parts. A tight kilt also makes it difficult to breathe. You can wear that tight kilt for a longer period of time say 6 hours or more. Therefore, before buying the Scottish kilt always measure first because a few precious minutes save you 100 bucks.

How To Measure A Kilt

Why People Don’t Measure The Kilt

The Scottish kilt is always attractive apparel, no doubt about it. If there is a sale in the store then no one even waits for an hour. These people are always in a hurry to purchase the Scottish kilt. They only love the design & quality and click on the buy button to purchase that gorgeous kilt.

Well, the sale never ends too quickly, you must take a few minutes in your measurement, to get the perfect kilt. The other common reason for the lack of importance in kilt measurement is that many people always feel that the waist of the kilt and trouser is always the same. The fact is that the kilt waist and pant/trouser waist never be the same. Both bottom wears have their own measurement guides. Generally, the kilt waist is two to four inches more than casual pants/trousers/shorts waist measurements.

In kilt measurement, you should know your waist, length, and hip. Every measurement in the kilt matters. You should not rely on a single measurement. Complete measurement gives you a better fitting kilt.

How To Measure A Kilt – Helping Guide

As we discussed above, our kilt measurement guide is 100% accurate, so don’t worry about it. If you have decided to order kilts from our website then must understand our measuring guide. Remember: Never choose the waist of your jeans for ordering the kilt. For kilt measurement, you must have

  • Measuring Tape – For measuring your waist, length, and hip
  • Pen
  • NoteBook – to note down your measurements
  • Take help from your friend (important)

There are three most important steps for kilt measurement. You must have the above things in order to accurate measurement for your Scottish kilt. The important three steps are

  1. Kilt Waist Measurement
  2. Hip Measurement
  3. Kilt Length Measurement

Kilt Waist Measurement

It is the important kilt measurement step, we can say. You cannot wear the kilt if your waist size is incorrect. For kilt waist measurement, you must have a standard measuring tape which we used in your home. Your friend or family member should place this measurement tape at the waist or the belly buttons. These are the areas where most of the kilt wearer wears the Scottish kilt.

The measuring tape should be moved around your waist, to know your exact kilt waist size. There are some things you need to keep in mind

  1. You must stand straight and erect.
  2. You must breathe normally like in daily routine life and never hold your breath
  3. Cool and relax while waist measurement

Moreover, the kilt waist of a new kilt is never the same as the waist of the old kilt. With the passage of time, the waist of a man increases every time, so whenever you ordered a new kilt, you must be measured first.

How To Measure A Kilt

Hip Measurement

This measurement depends on your buttocks. If your hip is wider than that of your waist then it is an important measurement for you. Without accurate hip size measurement, the new kilt may stuck on your buttocks. However, if your hip is thin then no need to measure the hip. In this regard, the waist measurement is enough for you. For this hip or seat measurement, your friend should measure the widest part of the hip with the standard measuring tape. You always have a pen and a notebook to note down every size.

Kilt Length Measurement

The kilt length measurement is the length of the newly ordered kilt. However, according to the Scottish rules and regulations, the kilt length is at the knee cap but the Scottish kilts are customizable kilts and nowadays, many people don’t take importance in the kilt length rule.

So, if you wear the kilt in fashion events and other non formal places, then you can choose longer length kilts. In order to go to Scottish weddings and Scottish events, you must follow the kilt rules. For correct kilt length measurement, your friend should place one end of the measuring tape at the belly button and drop the other end up to the knee cap. This belly button and knee cap difference is your exact kilt length measurement.

Adjustable Waist Kilts

These are the kilts for sale which are designed by our kilt company. We made the kilts in such a way that you can easily adjust the kilt according to your body size. If you wrongly ordered the incorrect size kilt then don’t worry, our kilts will also adjust according to your waist size.

Final Words

The above interesting article will solve your problem i.e, How To Measure A Kilt? Now it was not a concern at all, but you should measure every time, you ordered a new kilt as it is necessary for you.